Ever since taking over creative duties, Triple H hasn’t missed a single show. His presence backstage has really helped bolster WWE’s product and boost viewership and ratings. However, it looks as if all that is about to change. As reported earlier, Triple H is set to miss tonight’s Monday Night RAW in Oklahoma as he has tested positive for Covid-19.

Following the announcement, fans have been speculating as to who is going to run the show in Triple H’s absence. According to reports from PW Insider, WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events Road Dogg will be in charge of tonight’s. He was also backstage working with Triple H this past Friday on SmackDown.

“For those who have asked, with Triple H unable to be in Oklahoma in person for tonight’s Raw, PWInsider.com is told that WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events Road Dogg is the point person in charge at tonight’s taping. He was backstage working under Paul Levesque this past Friday at Smackdown,” via PWInsider.

It’s too soon to determine when Triple H will be back to resume his role as Chief Content Officer. We also don’t if Road Dogg’s being in charge is a one-time affair or if he will remain in charge until Triple H returns. We will have to wait and see if Triple H will be able to recover before Crown Jewel.


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