WWE Raw saw an interesting year on 2019, especially after Erick Rowan started walking around with an enigmatic caged pet. Fans were unable to see what was inside the cage, but it was clearly something dangerous because it would occasionally bite Rowan. Later, it was discovered to be a sizable spider. Erick Rowan recently disclosed original plans for on-screen WWE pet.

The former “SmackDown” Tag Team Champion recently appeared for an interview on NBC Sports Boston’s “Ten Count” podcast. He revealed the initial ideas for the bizarre caged-pet gimmick, over three years after the storyline first began. Rowan was initially told that it was going to be a pet rat.

Seth Rollins was the big babyface at the time, and I was told, ‘Hey, it’s going to be a pet rat,’ which was great because it tied into my last feud where I tried to kill a man, being Roman Reigns, with a vehicle.

Rowan remarked that the plot made him feel wonderful. As Rollins was about to accidentally stomp the creature on the curb, the 40-year-old anticipated that it would attract more attention to the product and provide an interesting tale. Rowan believed that beginning a feud was a fantastic idea, but after Rollins turned heel a few weeks later, Rowan’s narrative just kept getting extended.


After the reveal, Rowan’s WWE contract was terminated just over a month later. Later, he would make infrequent appearances for All Elite Wrestling as Erick Redbeard. Check out the full interview below. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest news and updates.

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