Roman Reigns has had dominant reign as Universal Champion. He has taken on and defeated everyone he has faced. Eventually, there will be only one opponent left for Roman Reigns, and that is his cousin, Hollywood megastar The Rock.

Over the past several, there has been speculation that a match between the two megastars is inevitable. There was even speculation that this match will happen at WrestleMania. The Rock recently addressed these rumors by saying that he would love to face Roman Reigns, but there are other variables at play.

While speaking to E! during a media junket, Dwayne Johnson was asked about coming back to take on Roman Reigns. It turns out that he loves the idea, and has spoken about making something happen.

“I love the idea of a WrestleMania, and I’m close with a lot of people there, but one in particular. Who we’ve talked about this. So I like it, but there’s so many variables that come into play. But, I’m a promoter at heart too, and promoting that event and what that might be, so I love WrestleMania and I love that world.”


Of course, The Great One did not confirm this match will happen. Only time will tell if something else comes up.

As The Rock has mentioned, there are other variables at play, such as The Rock’s busy shooting schedule. We will have to wait till WrestleMania to see if WWE can manage a way to book The Rock for WrestleMania.

You can click here to check out the TikTok video which shows this interview.

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