WWE Hall of Famer, Jake Roberts recalled a funny incident involving Rick Rude which resulted in the latter getting arrested. On an appearance on the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Jake Roberts revealed that the two of them had just finished a program and had a gentleman’s agreement that they won’t call each other until absolutely necessary.

However, one morning at around 4 am, Jake Robers was disturbed in his hotel room by a phone call from Rick Rude asking Jake Roberts if he had any condoms. An annoyed Jake Roberts cursed out Rude and asked him not to wake him up again.

The next morning when Jake Roberts went down to the lobby, she saw Rick Rude at the front desk in handcuffs. A confused Jake Roberts stood to side and waited for his airport shuttle as he wasn’t allowed to talk to Rick Rude.

When the shuttle arrived, Jake Roberts asked the driver if he could wait a few minutes as he wanted to see his buddy. To this, the driver replied “You know that f**king guy?” After Jake Robers confirmed that he knew Rude, the driver responded by saying that Rick Rude’s a thief.

“What are you talking about?” asked Roberts. To which the driver stated:

“That f**king guy broke into our restaurant at 4:30 this morning. Yeah, your buddy kicked the lock, kicked the door in.”

Then driver then called Rick Rude a “weird” since the only thing he stole was a large roll of saran wrap. Confused, Roberts turned back to Rick Rude and shouted, “Rick! Saran wrap? Wrap my d**k?” mouthed back Rick Rude. Robert bowed his head while saying he’s not worthy of Rick Rude’s presence.

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Sunil Joseph

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