MJF has displayed a new side of himself on AEW Dynamite for the second consecutive week. His parts seem to be an effort to present him as a sophisticated guy who is really a babyface, whether this turns out to be a swerve. MJF recently said that he has broken his hand many times punching his reflection. When he walks through that curtain, he doesn’t like himself either.

Alex Marvez spoke with MJF during tonight’s Dynamite in Toronto. Stokely Hathaway’s interruption of MJF angered him. Since the first strike was last week, MJF informed Stokely that he is currently on strike number two.

William Regal and MJF both have dark pasts, according to MJF, who is not scared to discuss Regal’s past. Regarding Wheeler Yuta, MJF said he wasn’t sure last week whether he was going to shake Wheeler Yuta’s hand. Then, MJF said that he was taught at an early age that “nice guys finish last” and that he is aware that the crowd and everyone in the back despise him.

You don’t have a God damn clue what it’s like to be MJF waking up every morning splashing water on my face looking in the morning and knowing I have no choice but to be the bad guy. I have broken my hand many times punching my reflection. You don’t like me? Tough sh*t because guess what, when I walk through that curtain I don’t like me either.


MJF declared that he will go above and above to win the World Championship as he concluded the promo. MJF also said that he is an attraction like Andre The Giant. We will have to wait and see whether MJF will become the AEW World Champion one day or not.

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