Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE was well-received by fans, and his Extreme Rules closing angle had fantastic build with White Rabbits galore. That being said, the amazing moment for WWE was accompanied by some backstage drama.

Ringside News exclusively reported that the new director of long term creative, Rob Fee, told people backstage at Extreme Rules that he was brought in to make sure Bray Wyatt’s return went down “correctly.” We have since all witnessed the newly hired WWE staffer send public happy birthday message to Tony Khan. The story doesn’t stop there.

We were told by a tenured member of the staff that Rob Fee has some massive heat. In fact, he’s also taking credit for Bray Wyatt’s return in a lot of ways.

“Between telling everyone backstage [at RAW] how great he is because of Bray’s return and this, he’s not making a lot of friends around here,” one source said. “He was so arrogant to the writers, talking down to everyone as if he was the boss.”


We were also told that, “he treated assistants like pieces of sh*t. He spoke down to most every writer on staff.” On top of that, Rob Fee “takes credit for the Bray Wyatt return.”

As Ringside News exclusively, and accurately, reported, Bray Wyatt’s WWE return was already in the pipeline prior to Vince McMahon’s retirement. This was not something that Triple H, or Rob Fee, threw together in a couple of months. Bray Wyatt’s WWE deal was nearly closed up when Mr. McMahon stepped down, with only a few minor points and the actual debut date to sort out.

We will have to see what the future holds for Rob Fee in WWE, but he’s not off to a stellar start, despite being a big part of such a historic moment in Bray Wyatt’s long-awaited WWE return.

What’s your take on this situation? Sound off in the comments!

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