Jimmy Smith is getting a lot of heat for his recent comments on Roman Reigns. The former Raw commentator said The Tribal Chief is a big, muscular dude who cannot actually fight.

Jimmy Smith took to Twitter on Monday and dropped new videos to clarify his comments. Smith said he was asked about a possible matchup between Brock Lesnar and Daniel Cormier in WWE on his radio show and that is where he gave his thoughts about Roman Reigns.

“I got all these angry messages, I went what the f*** is going on? I googled myself and Roman Reigns and the first thing that popped off is this Bleacher Report article… It had a quote of mine from my radio show, all chopped up, and essentially me talking about DC is a fighter and Roman Reigns and Brock – and there’s no context at all… it completely leaves out I was asked if DC would take on Brock Lesnar in WWE… And I said no, because they don’t look like they should be in the same ring,” 


He later went on to clarify his comments even more. The fact is that a lot of people “totally left out” some very important points.

“What they totally left out was I was asked the question about will we see DC vs. Brock Lesnar, and I said no because so much of it in the WWE is visual, it’s performance, it’s how does Roman Reigns look, not how can he fight, it has nothing to do with it… Roman Reigns looks amazing, and he cuts a great promo and he’s an amazing performer, and the visual of him and Brock Lesnar, that’s what makes it work. DC just has the ability to actually fight, but he doesn’t look like it, and that’s what I think would prevent a future DC-Brock Lesnar match.”

Smith said his comments were taken completely out of context and that WWE performers are bigger and muscular because that is part of their job. He also noted that there’s a massive difference between the WWE and UFC locker room.

Smith further stated that Daniel Cormier doesn’t look like he can take on Brock Lesnar but his physical stature doesn’t take anything away from his MMA abilities because Cormier is a legitimate fighter. Check out his comments below.

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