Sheamus has had an amazing 2022 so far, His brutal in-ring style and overall match quality has resulted in a massive surge in popularity for the Celtic Warrior. The former World Heavyweight Champion has been able to deliver ‘banger after banger’ inside the ring consistently.

The Celtic Warrior’s recent match against Gunther could be widely regarded as the match of the year. It seems like this recent string of great performances can be attributed to the fact that he rediscovered his passion after all these years.

In a recent interview with Ringer Wrestling Show, Sheamus credited his stablemates for rejuvenating his career.

“[We] are so passionate about what we do,” Sheamus continues, “I’ve been here over 13 and a half years on the main roster, and these two boys… really brought my passion back to a level 10.”


He further adds that the group shares a healthy dynamic as a trio.

“There’s no level of authority here. We’re just three boys, three mates, who will bleed and die for each other out there… There is no ego.”

During the show, Sheamus also dwelled on what it was like to receive genuine fan support after 13 years in WWE stating that he’s never had that reaction in his career. Only time will tell whether this surge in popularity will eventually lead to him winning either the Intercontinental Championship or the Universal Championship down the line.

Check out the full interview here:

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