Last night, Jon Moxley defended his GCW World Title against Nick Gage in a career vs. title match. The match was a bloody encounter that resulted in Nick Gage emerging victorious after MJF’s newly formed faction The Firm interfered in the match, costing Moxley his title.

According to Sean Sapp behind Fightful’s paywall, AEW reportedly didn’t want Jon Moxley to do that match at GCW Fight Club. It was also reported that Moxley had re-signed with AEW till 2027 and is going to be working exclusively with the promotion.

Moxley reportedly insisted on finishing his run with GCW, and isn’t scheduled to wrestle any more matches for the promotion in the near future. It also seems like AEW management has asked their talent to not work any GCW dates for months

“Jon Moxley is done with GCW for now. On October 7, it was announced that Jon Moxley had re-signed with AEW through 2027, with the note that he’d be exclusively wrestling for AEW and their international partners. This left his GCW status in question, the night before GCW sources claim that AEW didn’t want Moxley to do the match, and have asked their talent to not work GCW dates for months.


Moxley had insisted on finishing out his run there, and is not currently scheduled for any future Game Changer Wrestling dates. Stokely Hathaway and Morrissey were also involved in the match, to further the ongoing storyline with MJF and Moxley.

GCW reps claim that they had no say over the end of the match or how that would play out. Those that we spoke to believe that Moxley will still have the ability to work independent dates, but believe it will be on a surprise basis if it ends up happening.

In the past when Moxley would work indie dates, most of the shows would throw everything they could to make it one of their biggest shows as a result of Moxley being on it. We asked AEW officials on Friday about Moxley’s GCW status, and then today about GCW’s account of things, but didn’t get committal answers.”

While the reason behind AEW asking its talent not to work GCW dates, it could be that they are trying to protect the health of their top talent, which includes Moxley. It could also be due to tensions between both promotions, given that GCW had no control over the finish of the World Title bout.

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