Kanye West has been under fire from everyone regarding his controversial anti-Semitic comments towards Jewish People. MJF, who is also a controversial figure in the world of professional wrestling, called out Kanye West via Twitter for his insensitive remarks.

The AEW star took to Twitter to voice his opinion on Kanye’s stunt, saying how little we as a society talk about antisemitism. MJF’s fiancé, Naomi Rosenblum also weighed in on the topic by thanking MJF bringing light to a hate narrative that’s being pushed to the side.

“It saddens me how rampant antisemitism is right now. Thank you @The_MJF for bringing light to the hate narrative that’s often pushed to the side.”

However, MJF made it very clear that he doesn’t need any support in his battle against Kanye West. The AEW wrestler in classic MJF Fashion asked his fiance to make him a sandwich.

“Make me a sandwich,” tweeted MJF

MJF has no problems speaking his mind on a variety of topics. Given his heel persona, MJF surprised some fans by showing his support towards the Jewish community. That being said, he’s still a heel, especially for his fiancé.

What’s your take on MJF calling out Kanye West? Let us know in the comments section.

Sunil Joseph

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