Mickie James has been in the pro wrestling business for over twenty years, and recently she announced that she’ll be embarking on her “Last Rodeo” in IMPACT Wrestling, where she’ll retire if she loses again in a match. But she is backing up her claims once again.

While Speaking on the Bound For Glory Press Pass, when being asked about the “Last Rodeo” by Lucas Charpiot of VL Media, James described how she wants to prove that she can still compete at a high level. She states that if she can’t be the Mickie James she needs to be, she doesn’t belong in the ring anymore.

“I had to go home and I had to think about a lot of things, and the reality is that I love this business so much, and I love it too much to not be the best that I can be,” James said. “Over the last two decades, I’ve seen the business evolve, devolve, and then come back again for the women, and it’s true. We have, everywhere you look, is some of the greatest talent out there that are in television. I always said that I never wanted to fade away. I just don’t want that. I don’t wanna go out a shell of what I used to be, and if I can’t be that champion and I can’t fight the way I need to fight, because the truth is my body hurts and I love it so much and I give everything that I have and then it takes me longer to come back, it takes me longer to heal.

“I just wanna be able to spend time with my son, and he’s only eight years old. I wanna be able to go to his games and do all of these things and still be able to be my best self for him. But I also wanna be, if I’m gonna stay in the business and still be here, I just wanna be the best champion and be the best Mickie James that I can be. If I can’t be that, then I don’t belong here anymore, and that’s just the reality.”


James emphasized her love for the pro wrestling business and how it has evolved over the years. She appreciates that women can main event shows and be seen as equals.

“I love this business so much, and I’m so grateful that we’ve come so far and I’m so grateful that the women are getting all these opportunities,” James said. “I think it took a long time and a lot of women to get here. To be able to live in this journey for so long, and to see it and see so many women thriving and being truly seen as equals and being able to make the money and main-event the shows and do all of these things, it’s amazing.

“It’s amazing, and if you would have told little Alexis Laree when I was first at TNA that these things were gonna happen, I would have thought you were insane because we were just novelties. You were lucky to get a spot, you were lucky to be a manager, you were lucky to get a match. Now, it’s true equality, and it’s awesome.”

We’ll see what happens with James’ possible final storyline in IMPACT Wrestling. She is a respected future hall of famer and deserved a proper conclusion to her run in the business.

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Andre Porter

Andre is a passionate wrestling fan and journalist with years of experience covering the WWE. He has attended numerous wrestling events and has a deep understanding of the sport. In addition to his writing, Andre is also a graduate of The University of Arts with a BFA in multimedia and enjoys film, comics, and all Philadelphia sports. He is also an avid follower of John Cena on Twitter.

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