Carmella and Corey Graves became the center of controversy after an NSFW photo allegedly attributed to them made rounds on the internet. The couple was ridiculed on social media as well. The truth is finally out.

Ringside News received the original amateur film, and we can confirm it is the same screenshot, and Graves’ hand and arm tattoos were digitally added to it to make it as if it was a leaked sex tape of the WWE couple. No, we won’t be posting the original video, but it’s online if you know where to look for it.

Carmella had already clapped back at the NSFW content. The Princess of Staten Island had asked fans to do some research before jumping to conclusions, claiming that the person behind the leak was trying to sabotage her WWE career.

WWE superstar Natalya showed support for Carmella as well. WWE stars put up a lot of effort to entertain the fans, but haters still find a way to ruin things for personal or petty gains. Such type of behavior should be condemned.


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