Update: New evidence has proved that this was, indeed, a Photoshop job. It was a masterful fake, but it was a fake.

Original: Carmella is a major part of WWE’s women’s division, and her main roster run so far is proof of that. She is in the news again, but for all the wrong reasons. Some fans may have already seen an NSFW photo of her with Corey Graves circulating on social media. As she faces the internet’s wrath, Carmella has decided to address the photograph.

The leaked picture in question shows, what is presumed to be, Carmella performing oral sex on her husband, Corey Graves. The photo lacks clarity, but Corey’s, alleged, hand tattoo is clearly visible, and the woman also resembles Carmella.

The Princess of Staten took to Twitter and to react to her viral photo. The 34-year-old claimed the picture is not real, and that it has been fabricated using photoshop. In a subsequent tweet, she wrote that whoever edited it is trying ruin her career.


Y’all really wanna see me fail, huh?? Photoshop is on another level these days… She cute, but she ain’t me.

ITS PHOTOSHOP!!! Do some research and you’ll find the ORIGINAL. Stop tweeting about things that you know nothing about. You’re out here trying to ruin peoples lives and careers. It’s disgusting.

The fact remains that Corey’s plainly identifiable tattoo adds some weight to the photo’s authenticity. Editing such a complicated tattoo with the angles available is nearly impossible. It would be hard to imagine that someone with this kind of Pixar-level photo-editing skills would spend time editing this photo is slim, but not impossible.

No, we’re not going to post the entire photo. We’ll have to wait and see whether this sparks any additional drama. Until then, stay tuned to Ringside.

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