MJF is one of the biggest stars in professional wrestling today. The Salt of the Earth rarely breaks character whether he’s on TV or not. MJF recently had his dinner interrupted and that enraged the AEW star.

For those not in the know, MJF is goods friends with former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr. The actor recalled his recent the interaction that transpired between MJF and two women on the latest episode of his “Wrestling with Freddie” podcast.

“So, we go to this sushi place and there’s these two – I’m going to call them ladies. They were very drunk, they were sitting next to us, and if you’ve seen Maxwell lately, he’s in good shape, okay? Like, really good shape. His arms are freaking huge.

“But I mean really in love with him. And they’re like, ‘Oh my god, your arms! Blah, blah, blah,’ and he’s like, ‘Oh, thanks, oh, thanks,’ just doing his thing. We’re just trying to eat a meal.”


According to Prinze, MJF responded calmly until he had enough of the repeated interruptions. The Pinnacle main main finally confronted one of the women in his usual MJF character.

“He legit just looks at her and he goes, ‘Nothing with you!’ And before we go, the drunker one goes, ‘Well, the least you guys could do is buy us dinner!’ And Max goes, ‘I could buy everyone in this restaurant dinner and I think I will, I just won’t be buying yours!'”

MJF will return to AEW next Wednesday night on Dynamite. The Salt of the Earth will take on Wheeler Yuta of Blackpool Combat Club in singles action. You can check out the card right here.

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