MJF is one of the more popular homegrown stars on AEW television. He is starting to break through into the mainstream and is being compared to an iconic comedian.

MJF recently appeared on KFC Radio and compared himself to stand-up/insulted comedian Don Rickles as an inspiration. He even explained how he could stand out by being beloved after he just got done ripping on people.

“For me, another thing that I feel like makes me stand out…do you know Don Rickles? I fucking can’t get enough. I watched Don Rickles compilations on like, YouTube. There was something about him, he was like this lovable piece of shit. And I feel like we haven’t had that in Hollywood since, and we definitely haven’t had that in wrestling in a while,” he explained. “So it’s definitely something that I enjoy.

MJF was also asked if he’s trying to be a piece of shit to people, He said that people just take him the wrong way.

“No. I think people definitely take me the wrong way,” he said. “And I think I can rub people the wrong way at times…just jealous, uninformed losers that probably live in the middle of Long Island.”

MJF was also asked why guys like himself, John Cena, and Batista can break through. MJF explained the reason in his usual obnoxious way.

“So when I walk into a room, when you listen to me talk, it’s pretty obvious that I have something that we call in the industry, “it.” You either got “it” or you don’t have “it.” There’s a lot of bumbling fucking morons at Barstool Sports, but most of the guys when they’re on camera,” MJF explained, “there’s something about them like “Oh shit, I got to watch this guy.” You know, whether it be you, whether it be Big Cat, whether it be El Presidente. Definitely not fucking Brandon. But you got it. I feel a person in my industry hasn’t had the amount of droves in “it” that I have had since Cena, Rock, Batista.”

MJF has the “it” qualities for a megastar. Now it’s up to AEW to pull the trigger for him to be a full-blown main eventer.

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