WWE has been getting creative with their teases of late. The company dropped white rabbit QR code tease during Raw last Monday. The QR code tease took place on Smackdown as well.

Clips uploaded by fans on social media showed “White Rabbit” being played inside Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City during a commercial break on SmackDown last week. The company kept on teasing more after that as well.

Many continue to speculate that it could be Bray Wyatt. According to Fightful’s paywall, WWE creative has been largely hands off with the QR segments.

We’re told not everyone was sold on the QR aspect of the White Rabbit teases, but those that we’ve spoken with backstage say that it’s been a major success and created even more than the intended buzz for the segment. We’ve learned that WWE creative has been largely hands off with the segments, and most everyone we talked to backstage aren’t sure of the small details that are involved. WWE higher ups clearly are aware of the plans, and how things will work moving forward. Those in the know claimed that WWE Extreme Rules was supposed to be the “reveal” of the White Rabbit. We were not told if the person portraying would be there physically or not.


WWE has been tight-lipped when it comes to the mystery of White Rabbit. We will have to wait and see whether it really is about Bray Wyatt or not in the end. At this point, the White Rabbit continues to invite a lot of discussions.

Do you think it’s Bray Wyatt? Sound off in the comments!

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