Chris Jericho is easily one of the most diverse pro-wrestling legends. Having spent decades in many big promotions, he also fronts the heavy metal band Fozzy. The star recently revealed that he also proudly holds a magician’s license.

Jericho was the guest on the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast this week. He touched upon many noticeable points in his AEW experience, such as his first meeting with Tony Khan and in-ring injuries.

The AEW superstar revealed that to throw a fireball in Las Vegas, he had to get a magician’s license. However, his magician’s license took time, which is why they had to step out of the Las Vegas boundary in order to film the spot.

I had my magician’s license. You need that to throw a fireball in the vicinity of Vegas. The problem was it didn’t come in time, so we had to go outside the boundaries of Vegas to throw the fireball at the stagehand. ‘Guys, don’t tell me why it’s not going to work.’ My internal, ‘(Wayne) Gretzky stay ahead’ is we needed to throw another fireball today. It’s at the peak. Next week would be too late. We figured it out, made it happen, the kid took the fireball, and now it’s a thing. I did it one more time with Shota Umino. That’s it. I never have to throw it again. I can fake it, I can tease it, or maybe I do. It’s now part of Chris Jericho canon.


Jericho revealed on the show that Jon Moxley pitched to cover him in gasoline for the spot. He enjoyed his time as ‘The Wizard’ during the spot. However, he’s no longer playing the part, though it is forever immortalized as part of the Chris Jericho canon.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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