AEW’s roster is seeing a few changes, and a lot of fans have pinpointed Triple H taking over WWE as a possible reason for that. That being said, not everyone is eager to go back.

We previously reported that Buddy Matthews was among those AEW stars that WWE reached out to in some form or fashion. It appears that Miro is not one of those people who are interested in taking another chance with Vince McMahon’s former company.

Ryan Frederick confirmed on the Wrestling Observer forum that Miro has no interest in going back to WWE. This should squash a rumor about the Bulgarian Brute jumping ship.

“Miro does not want to go back. The only guys that really want to go back are the ones who have significant others with the other company.”


AEW hasn’t used Miro a lot since they signed him. He did have a reign as TNT Champion, but the Redeemer has remained off television in recent memory. It seems that he is happy right now, but only time will tell what the pro wrestling landscape looks like a year from now.

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