The Good Brothers are journeying back to Japan, which fans initially thought meant that they’re bidding farewell to IMPACT Wrestling. However, the duo themselves offered up a different interpretation.

Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson, who make up The Good Brothers, lost to the Motor City Machine Guns on September 15th. The loss from Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin made it seem like Gallows and Anderson were leaving the promotion. Fightful reported the same while leading up to the match.

The Good Brothers’ time with IMPACT Wrestling is reaching its possible conclusion.

The IMPACT Tag Team Champions Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson’s original deals were two-year contracts set to expire in late July. However, contrary to previous reports, the two aren’t exactly free agents as of yet. We’d reported in the past they’d committed to appearing through August, and we’ve been told that they actually agreed to extensions.


We’ve learned some more specifics on their agreements. The Good Brothers will remain with IMPACT until through the August 26 & 27 tapings in Dallas, Texas. In addition to that, they’ll be heading to New Japan Pro Wrestling for a couple of weeks in September, but will be contractually free agents by then. We’d heard in the past they’d agreed to do some work with New Japan Pro Wrestling through the 2023 Wrestle Kingdom shows.

IMPACT recently released a video of Gallows and Anderson, saying that they’re going away from the promotion, though it doesn’t mean goodbye. Anderson said that he has immense respect for The Motor City Machine Guns and that they’re heading off to NJPW.

The Motor City Machine Guns vs. the world-famous Good Brothers in the marquee box office. It finally happened. Chills on my body just hearing that. Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, nothing but respect for you. Nothing but respect for the Motor City Machine Guns. IMPACT Wrestling, We gotta tell you something. We’re leaving for a little while. New Japan Pro-Wrestling is where we’re going. We’ve got business we gotta take care of across the pond.

Gallows said that they are happy to have scored the match they wanted on their way out. However, he reiterated that they’re not saying “‘goodbye,’ we say ‘see you later.”

We don’t say ‘goodbye,’ we say ‘see you later. ‘ I’m happy we got to have a dream match on the way out what we asked for for two years with the Motor City Machine Guns. So until we get back from across the pond, Too Sweet.

Gallows and Anderson are set to work some big events with New Japan Pro Wrestling. While they aren’t leaving much unfinished at IMPACT, their eventual comeback leaves a lot of creative angles open to bring them back.

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