Kayla Braxton is one of the most memorable faces in WWE programming. The SmackDown backstage announcer has her own following on social media, which is often curious about her personal life.

Braxton has revealed a lot of her own takes on social media, such as how she feels about certain pet owners who leash their cats. However, this time, she took to social media to reveal a scary medical condition she’s been suffering from since her childhood.

The WWE personality revealed that she suffers from sleeping paralysis, and that’s been the case ever since she was a kid. She described a visual and auditory set of delusions she saw while being unable to move.

I’ve had sleep paralysis since I was a kid. Last night ,a little girl ran in front of me before plopping on my bed. She just stared at me. I could hear her footsteps and feel her move. It was so real. But I couldn’t move or speak til I forced myself to sit up – then she was gone.


The National Library of Medicine describes sleep paralysis as resuming consciousness even though muscle activity is gone and REM sleep is engaged. This leads to the person being wide awake while their body is asleep.

the phenomenon in which resumption of consciousness occurs while muscle atonia (loss of muscle tone) of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is maintained, leading to intense fear and apprehension in the patient as the patient lies awake without the ability to use any part of their body.

Braxton opened up about the condition in the past. She revealed a tattoo where a figure was trapped behind the iris inside an eye. Sleep paralysis is a condition that affects millions of people. While it’s not lethal, it can be terrifying. Braxton often lets people know about her struggles, so they can find solidarity, and this time is no different.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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