Claudio Castagnoli is getting what he deserved for so long after jumping ship to AEW. He became the Ring of Honor World Champion at the Death Before Dishonor PPV and even retained it throughout a number of title defenses. Claudio Castagnoli is pleased that a notorious WrestleMania incident he was a part of is still well-remembered by the public.

Claudio Castagnoli reflected on his experience playing Cesaro in the WWE during a recent visit on Insight with Chris Van Vliet. At WrestleMania 34, he and Cesaro as The Bar faced Braun Strowman and an unknown opponent to defend the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Claudio is pleased that people still remember what was a humorous time for him. The mystery opponent turned out to be Nicholas – Cone, the son of referee John Cone – and while the appearance was somewhat divisive, it was a great moment for him.

I didn’t even realize (Nicholas was in the match). So, I met Nicholas earlier that day and I didn’t realize that he was going to be the mystery opponent, because no one told us until the last minute. It was like three hours later and I asked Sheamus or somebody ‘So who is it?’ And he was like ‘You met him 3 hours ago.’ I’m like ohhh! I thought it was really cool,


I mean every show, what I love about wrestling, all the kinds of different matches, the roller coaster ride it takes you on. That show needed a match where it was fun. Every show needs fun matches. WrestleMania, everyone is nervous and hyped, it is WrestleMania. Once everything was figured out, everything was so much fun. We had the float with the big head guys, it was a crazy, awesome entrance. The match was just fun, and it is all about moments. If you are a kid watching WrestleMania, that could be you. For people to still talk about it to this day, that WrestleMania had a lot of bangers on it, but for people to come to me and still say ‘So Nicholas?’ That’s cool.

Claudio also reflected on his past as a “Paul Heyman Guy” and how it had only lasted a short time because Heyman had allied himself with Brock Lesnar. The ROH World Champion said that he is thankful for never winning the WWE world title. Check out the full interview below.

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