Brian Pillman Jr. is a second-generation superstar who works with AEW. He, Griff Garrison and Julia Hart started the group Varsity Blondes, but things changed for them sooner than they expected.

At AEW Double or Nothing in May, Hart was taken off the group to join House of Black. The creative decision didn’t fit well with Pillman or Garrison, and Hart remains with the stable even without Malakai Black,

The remaining members of the Varsity Blondes appeared five times since she left the faction. These include Dynamite and Dark shows. The creative decision didn’t sit well with Pillman.

Flyin’ Brian’s son appeared on Café De René With René Duprée and shared his thoughts on how the group’s charm was taken away before they could even begin their career in the company.


As soon as we lost [Julia Hart], we lost our edge and our spark that made us a good babyface group that could’ve gotten over. […] But somebody came in and decided she would be better with [House of Black]. That’s just how it goes. I definitely wasn’t happy with it to be quite honest. It is what it is. It’s business. I thought probably what really stopped us from seeing the true potential of the Varsity Blondes was that we lost her before we really got going. […]

To have that taken apart was kinda rough for me at that point in my career. But I’m very happy with how it turned out. Really happy with the moment that she had at the pay-per-view Very happy with being at AEW in general. I don’t think that the Varsity Blondes was the fullest creative extension of myself. […] But I think people will look back on the Varsity Blondes quite fondly actually. Who knows what’s next for us?

Pillman has no clue about what will happen to the Varsity Blondes who could have been excellent members of the tag team division but are now lost in obscurity and negligence.

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Amit Shukla

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