Vince McMahon is the brainchild behind taking the small business of pro wrestling to make it a global empire. WWE is a global phenomenon because of him, and one needs to understand that the work done by the former chairman of the board has helped the company and the business.

The sudden resignation of Vince McMahon from all duties followed by the revelation of a hush-money scandal involved in it took away the credit from WWE’s former boss. He still has a huge stake in the company due to his shareholding.

According to The US Sun, Stephanie McMahon wants to induct her father into the Hall of Fame before giving him a proper send-off the next night at WrestleMania. It seems like a fair thing to do for someone who changed The Game.

Vince may not be completely done with the WWE. There are discussions about how to pay tribute to his achievements of turning the small town wrestling biz into a global business venture. Fans may not have always liked the way he handled storylines and treated some talent, but his efforts to take the sport to the world cannot be underestimated.


His departure was pretty unceremonious in terms of the business behind the scenes, but the sport is about fans. And as controversial as it may seem, there are fans who feel he deserves a send off. Now at this moment in time the suggestion of any kind of ‘celebration’ seems impossible and would spark potential backlash. However, an acknowledgement of his contributions remains an active discussion among the creative team. Obviously Vince will not wrestle again, but having an invitation to WrestleMania could be a possibility. One discussion is whether it is too soon for him to be honored at the WWE Hall Of Fame event, the night before WrestleMania. Automatically that honor would mean he would walk on stage in front of LA fans next April. Stephanie has openly spoken about her father’s legacy since his departure and Triple H has huge respect for Vince.

“No Chance in Hell” has been Vince McMahon’s theme song, but the former WWE chairman may have a chance on Earth to be inducted into the Hall of Fame class that he started in the company.

Do you think Vince McMahon should be in the WWE Hall of Fame? Chime in.

Amit Shukla

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