Triple H is the head of the creative division, and he knows many ways to entice the fans. Roman Reigns recently appeared on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive show and had an excellent conversation. Now, The Maverick has an open invitation to make a return WWE.

It looks like Paul had some words to say for The Tribal Chief that didn’t sit well with the current WWE Universal Champion. The Head of the Table asked his Wiseman to take care of the situation.

Paul Heyman called the task done, but Logan wasn’t convinced on how he would handle the situation. He asked Paul on how the situation would get taken care of, and in comes The Creative Head.

Logan Paul plugged his podcast with Reigns, and the Tribal Chief replied to say, “I bless the world and bring the Island of Relevancy to your show. You and your boys acknowledge me and as soon as I’m gone you run your mouth?!. Wiseman, handle him.”


Paul Heyman then chimed in to say, “I am in receipt of your command, and I shall indeed bestow upon @LoganPaul the wisdom he so desperately lacks. My #TribalChief, please consider this HANDLED!”

Paul Levesque or Triple H as we call him took matters into his own hands and has asked Logan to appear on the SmackDown show tomorrow to fix things between the ropes.

…It just so happens I have a globally televised platform to allow our Superstars to “handle” their issues with one another … consider this an invite for #Smackdown tomorrow night!

We’ll have to see if Logan Paul shows up to settle things with Roman Reigns. The odds of Logan Paul scoring a match against Roman Reigns doesn’t seem likely, but crazier things have happened in WWE.

What do you make of this banter between two wrestlers? Sound off in the comments.

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