Logan Paul recently asked about how the WWE Tribal Chief’s Wiseman is going to handle things, and Triple H extended an offer to him to be on SmackDown tomorrow night.

It looks like the offer has been accepted, because the official WWE Twitter account tweeted that Logan Paul will be on SmackDown tomorrow night. We would have to see if this leads to any storyline.

What does @LoganPaul have in store for the blue brand? Find out tomorrow night on #SmackDown!

Roman Reigns recently appeared on Paul’s ImPAULsive show and shared his thoughts with the man who conquered the A-lister at SummerSlam. While WWE has tried to keep things under the wraps it looks like this is all building up to the Crown Jewel show.

WWE has to do a show there in November and the company would want the fans to have an exemplary experience there. A match between two superstars of this magnitude fighting against each other is enough to give the fans entertainment. Only time will tell how it turns out.

What do you think could be the reason behind Logan Paul coming to SmackDown? Sound off in the comments.

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