Paul Wight, a.k.a., The Big Show worked with the WWE for over two decades before he decided to switch things up last year. He has been featured in some matches on AEW Dark, with the last one being in March on AEW Dark: Elevation.

Paul was in Albany, NY to talk about AEW Dynamite. He spoke to WNYT about how AEW doesn’t have the fourth wall. Wight said that there’s a camera backstage too, but more focus is given to the in-ring action. He said:

It’s different in the fact that it’s wrestling oriented. Both companies say that, but there is a difference in how things are presented. WWE does an amazing job in presenting things in this big entertainment spectacle. It’s a giant production. AEW gets to the grassroots. We still have incredible production and an incredible production team. It’s not so much backstage drama and backstage vignettes. The fourth wall, so to speak, Tony Khan doesn’t like that fourth wall. He doesn’t like that, ‘why is there a camera there catching this conversation and both participants ignore that there is a camera crew there while they are talking top secret information.’ It’s one of those things that throws you off. If there is a camera there, it’s set up in a way that makes sense for a camera to be backstage, but it’s more focused on the talent in the ring,

Wight said that WWE has its own way of presenting things from the entertainment perspective, while AEW likes to go to the grassroots. Paul said that AEW has an incredible production and an excellent production team.


Notably, John Cena was the only WWE superstar to break the fourth wall. According to Wight, everything changed when he left WWE for AEW. He feels better working in AEW than he did in the WWE.

While everyone has their own sense of opinion on the wrestling product, one cannot undermine the experience of Paul Wight. Is Big Show talking about Big things without having anything to show off for it as AEW ratings have been sinking in recent memory?

What do you think of Paul Wight’s comments? Chime in.

Amit Shukla

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