Ken Shamrock is an IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer, but his name hasn’t been chosen for the WWE Hall of Fame just yet. The former UFC fighter turned to professional wrestling at a time when the move wasn’t considered right by many wrestling and UFC experts. His change opened avenues for many UFC fighters now working in the WWE.

Ken was recently on The Universal Wrestling Podcast to discuss a vast variety of topics. The legendary superstar talked about how he took a chair shot to his forehead from The Rock. It looked like The Great One hit him in the face, but it was on his forehead.

“Nobody has ever taken a shot like that. Now you see people doing all the time, So it’s actually safer to take a shot with your forehead, not your face. It looks like your face, but it’s your forehead. Because that’s how you hit people when you’re playing football or like the strongest part of your head is your forehead to get in top your head or the back your head, that’s dangerous and I just wasn’t going to take it like that. So I literally said I wanted the shot to my face. And the reason why I told him that was because I would be in control of where it landed.”

Ken has never said anything wrong about it because according to the legend it was his call to take that shot on the forehead. He even talked about how The Rock was hesitant to hit him in the forehead. It was his insistence that made The Rock make the move.


It must be noted that wrestlers take chair shots now more infrequently. WWE has banned chair shots to the head as there were reports that it caused concussions in various superstars.

Ken is supportive of the kind of wrestling that happens today. He finds himself on the viewers’ end and if he thinks it’s best for the fans, then he would be right. He also talked about his football days and how he is ok with any shot he gets as long as he is aware of it.

In the end, The Rock and Shamrock created a great moment and decades later, The Rock even inducted Shamrock into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame. So, it’s interesting how everything worked out in the end.

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