D-Von Dudley needs no introduction to fans from WWE’s Attitude Era or The PG Era. The Dudley Boyz were always up for something extreme and never backed down from putting their bodies on the line to give the fans the entertainment. Now, D-Von has a much different career in WWE.

Dudley had to go through a back surgery in October last year, and he returned to work in June this year in NXT as coach and a producer. When asked on the Two Man Power Trip about how he thinks things are in NXT, he laughingly said, ‘Busy.’

With this new regime, with Triple H and Stephanie (McMahon), which I’m extremely happy about. I think everything is happy. Just for the simple fact that, we’re all happy with what Vince (McMahon) did for 50 years plus, but sometimes, with every company and new whatever it is, it’s always good for fresh and new ideas. Triple H brings that. We’re not discounting what Vince did for the past 50 years. Sometimes, you need a little change and I’m happy about that.

With all that going on right now, the responsibility for me has picked up a little bit and I’m happy about that because I get to do my ideas and me and Hunter have a good relationship. Him and Stephanie both, when I had my stroke two years ago, Stephanie left me a message on my answering machine telling me, ‘I heard you’re doing well and everything is good, but I want to make sure you’re doing great.


I want to hear it out of your mouth and not anybody else’s.’ Of course, I heard that message and it made me feel a little special. Just for the simple fact that she and Hunter didn’t have to do that, but they were very concerned about me. You could say, am I a Hunter guy? Yes. Am I a Vince McMahon guy? Yes. Am I Paul Heyman guy? Yeah. All those guys have done well with me, which is why I love working for WWE.

D-Von opened up about everything being fresh and how Hunter and Stephanie have had his back at all times. It’s good to see him come ahead and talk about how he felt this time around.

With Vince McMahon gone from the WWE and the new regime taking over, D-Von said he thinks it’s a fresh way to look at things. He also called himself a Triple H guy, which is a common term these days.

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Amit Shukla

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