WWE used to shy away from using the word “wrestling” at all costs. For some reason, Vince McMahon hated the word wrestling, despite the fact that the word is literally the second W in WWE. It would be like Vince hating the name “Kennedy,” but things are much different now.

CNN brought a lot of attention to their Twitter account today when they tweeted out: “Breaking News.” There was no follow-up to this tweet, or news at all. It was just CNN reminding people that they are still breaking news.

The Washington Post tweeted out: “news.” Also, The Hill tweeted out: “politics.” It seems that everyone was getting into this name game.

WWE answered back to CNN’s tweet in their own way. Vince McMahon’s former company formulated a one-word tweet that described what they do now, and it might make Mr. McMahon a bit unhappy to see.



This tweet blew up in a huge way, especially from fans who used it as a chance to troll Vince McMahon. It also shows that WWE is a much different company now with the new powers that be, since a tweet like this was incredibly topical and timely, something that the previous regime might not have bothered with. If anything, we also know that WWE is not going to avoid the word wrestling anymore.

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