Tony Khan is AEW President, and that job comes with a lot of decisions. It turns out the Forbidden Door event, as praised as it might have been, was missing a big planned match.

During the recent media conference to plug AEW’s upcoming pay-per-view, All Out, Tony Khan opened up a bit about cancelled Forbidden Door plans. AEW’s roster was plagued with injuries and this caused a change of plans.

Sean Sapp covered the conference, and he paraphrased Tony Khan’s response on the matter.

“Tony Khan says Forbidden Door was going to be Punk & FTR vs. Ospreay and Aussie Open. He had to rewire the card heavily due to injuries.”


A match getting re-written due to injury is not new in the wrestling business. Tony Khan had an exciting contest planned for the fans, but things didn’t go according to plan. The fans would have got their money’s worth with this match.

Wrestling fans are always ready for any match, and it looks like Tony Khan wanted to deliver it. The injuries caused the plans to change, but there’s always an opportunity some other day if they can make that happen.

Do you think this would have been an exciting match? Sound off in the comments.

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