All Elite Wrestling announced the Trios Championships earlier this summer, along with a tournament bracket that would eventually take us to All Out, where the inaugural AEW Trios Champions would be decided in the finals. The Elite consisting of Young Bucks and Kenny Omega is one of the most promising teams. Kenny Omega recently shared his take on the new AEW division.

The winner of The Dark Order vs. Best Friends match is set to square off against The Elite or United Empire in the finals. Omega came by “Busted Open Radio” earlier today to discuss his decision to enter the trios’ category. He revealed that it’s challenging for him to keep doing the same actions, especially when he feels as though he has reached a plateau in that particular area.

Kenny Omega is always looking forward to doing what he can to convey a unique narrative or something new. It’s an opportunity to present a six-man tag match, but because there is now a division and a title in that division, this is kind of completely different now.

For me, it’s tough to keep doing the same things over and over and over again, especially when you feel like you’ve plateaued in that particular area. I could do a certain type of singles all the time and find a certain amount of success with it, and even tags at this point have become that way as well. So, not to say that those don’t excite me – I always look forward to doing what I can to tell a very unique story or something different … This is kind of completely different now, so it’s a chance to present something we all know and are familiar with, which is a six-man tag, but to now have a division and a title in that division, it gives it a chance to become its own thing.


The former AEW World Heavyweight Champion further underlined how they wanted the trios fights to be entirely different from what fans were accustomed to seeing in singles and traditional tag team matches. The possibilities of the interactions are simply increased by the extra bodies participating.

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