AEW changed the commentary crew late in June with Jim Ross calling only the second hour of the weekly show instead of the first. Additionally, he called certain Rampage episodes. Ross, however, has since limited his commentary to the two Dynamite hours.

Dave Meltzer was questioned on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio on why this is the case and why there have been so many changes to the commentary team. According to Meltzer, AEW President Tony Khan will decide that week whether to switch up the announce team or stick with the current one.

It’s all Tony Khan. Every one of these decisions is Tony Khan, and he changes the decision. I remember the first week when he did it (Ross only calling Dynamite’s second hour), I asked him, ‘Is this a new permanent thing?’, and it’s just like, ‘Well, it’s something we can do’. He’s not committed to anything as a permanent thing. I think it’s just kinda like what he feels is the deal as he feels…you kinda go by hunches a lot. Some weeks his hunch is that you do that. Some weeks the hunch is not to do it.

Tony Khan makes each of these choices, and each one is altered by him. He hasn’t made a long-term commitment to anything. AEW recently had a mandatory talent meeting at the AEW Dyamite tapings. Tony Khan was reportedly “fired up” at the meeting.


Khan recently claimed that AEW has great backstage environment. This must help him a lot to come up with all those decision and changes backstage. Stay tuned to Ringside News for latest news and updates.

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