Eric Bischoff is a renowned name in the wrestling business. The former General Manager of Monday Night Raw knows no boundaries and speaks his mind when he has to address a situation in the wrestling landscape. He talked about the internal issues in AEW recently, and he didn’t hold back about the product.

Notably, rumors have been doing rounds that things are not right in AEW. Eric Bischoff didn’t mince his words and went straight on the topic. During the 83 weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff opened up about the matter.

“There’s a lack of leadership, there’s a lack of direction. And it does feel that way [as it did in WCW], doesn’t it? There was a lack of leadership during that time in late ’98 or ’99, in particular. I have admitted so many times that I was burnt. I was tired of fighting a fight I knew I wasn’t going to win. I disengaged. Forget about the high school drama, he said, she said. Body shaming? This is just getting stupid now. This is like junior high shit. That stuff, I don’t even pay attention to it. When I hear it or see it, I hope this is a work or it’s gonna lead to something that’s gonna be really entertaining. Otherwise, it’s just really juvenile shit and it’s hard for me to pay attention to.”

While one may not be sure if that’s the situation, you cannot deny that Eric knows what he is talking about in the business between the ropes and the behind-the-scenes. He is a wrestling veteran who has worked with various legends in the business, including Vince McMahon.


WWE is doing far well in virtually every aspect, while AEW seems to be sinking as stories about Tony Khan’s company continue surfacing.

“Let’s look at the last six or eight months in AEW and the lack of leadership. Cody Rhodes, pretty integral part of AEW, pretty valuable asset within AEW. For whatever reason, he’s no longer there. Haven’t heard a lot of details and I don’t talk to Cody and wouldn’t ask Cody because it’s none of my business. But just look at the pattern – step back and look at fact patterns. Tony Khan and Cody Rhodes, couldn’t see eye to eye, Cody’s gone. The MJF situation, which is still inexplicable to me and I still keep hoping that this is all gonna lead to something really fun and interesting.

But as every television show goes by without there being any reference or connection to MJF, the more time that goes by, the less effective an MJF storyline is gonna be in my opinion. Not saying it couldn’t be successful, but I haven’t seen anything in AEW creatively that makes me think someone is really thinking ahead strategically and creatively. Cody couldn’t see eye to eye with Tony, MJF couldn’t see eye to eye with management, and now you’ve got all this nonsense. For a guy who wasn’t gonna make the same mistakes WCW made, he’s compounding them.”

Eric Bischoff stated facts, but whether they are all in accordance with popular opinion is another story. Tony Khan’s approach and the backstage rumors have impacted the company, but we need to see if it continues or whether Khan can control the damage before it’s too late.

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Amit Shukla

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