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Tonight, we will see new WWE Women’s tag team champions crowned! Also, Sami Zayn and The Usos will head to Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins and Riddle will see each other face to face, and we get hometown hero and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle.


Tonight’s show opens with AJ Styles and Dolph Ziggler making their way down to the ring for a tag team match. In the middle, we get a recap of last week’s main event with Damian Priest vs. Edge. Out next are Judgement Day. The match starts with Ziggler and Balor starting off. Balor gets a quick knock down and a “too sweet” taunt to Styles, but Ziggler hits a surprise roll up for 2. Balor and Ziggler each tag out, bringing in Styles and Priest. Styles knocks Priest to the outside and hits a dive on top of Priest to take us to our first commercial break. We return to see Balor and Ziggler tying up on the inside. Balor taunts Styles with his own “phenomenal pose” and picks up Ziggler for powerbomb, only for Ziggler to hit a Famouser. Both men get to the corner for a tag and Styles takes control. After a flurry of offense for Styles, he picks up a quick 2 count, but Priest kicks out. Styles shortly after gets Priest in a Calf Crusher, but Priest grabs the ropes with the assist from Balor. Styles gets Ziggler into the match but quickly gets hit with the South of Heaven for the 123. After the match, as Judgement Day are headed up the ramp, the video tron shows Edge arriving to the arena, and Judgement Day head back to the ring as we go back to commercial break.

When we come back from commercial, Judgement Day starts cutting a promo. They mention how they have defeated Rey Mysterio and should have beaten Edge, and get no respect for it. Priest also takes a shot at Edge, saying he doesn’t have the security of the person who wears the pants at home there to protect him. Edge’s music hits and here comes The Rated R Superstar! He makes his way towards the ring, before stopping halfway to respond to Judgement Day. Edge threatens Rhea Ripley telling her to leave her hands to herself before she finds out what the “Glamazon” is all about. Edge tells the group they didn’t learn anything while he was in charge for a few months. He says he has back up, as Rey and Dominik Mysterio arrive with kendo sticks. The groups brawl outside, but back in the ring an armed Dominik and Rhea Ripley stand face to face. They stand off briefly before Rhea grabs hold of the kendo stick. Dominik slowly lets go, but Edge and Rey come to Dom’s defense before Rhea uses it. Rhea escapes out of the back of the ring, and Edge, Dom, and Rey stand tall. It should be mentioned that Dominik seems to have made amends with Edge, as they shake hands to end the segment.

Next, we recap last week’s kidnapping of The Miz by Dexter Lumis. We see a segment from earlier today as Kevin Patrick asks Miz what happened. He says he isn’t interested in talking about it and is not going to talk about it. We then see the trio of Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka walking backstage before commercial.

As we return, we see Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez tell us they will become the new tag team champions later on tonight.

After this, we get Bliss, Asuka, and Bianca Belair coming to the ring as they get set for a trios tag match against three local enhacement talent. Bianca Belair starts the match and makes quick work of all three ladies. Belair dodges a double team maneuver and Bliss and Asuka hit tandem drop kicks. Belair tags in Bliss as she gets in some quick offense. Bliss tags in Asuka who gets some really aggressive offense in. Asuka hits a quick drop kick for a two count, but it gets interrupted. Shortly after a storm of offense for the trio of Bliss, Asuka, and Belair, Asuka locks in a submission for the win.

After the match, the winners cut a promo on Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai. Asuka ends the segment stating nobody is ready for Bianca, Alexa, and Asuka.

Backstage, Miz and Ciampa are meeting with Adam Pearce, who tries to make right after Miz’s kidnapping last week. But he does mention that since The Miz won’t speak on the subject, Dexter Lumis got away from any charges. Miz tells Pearce he’s still not talking about it and Ciampa and Miz run Pearce off, as Miz is preparing for a match with Bobby Lashley later on.

Next, olympic gold medalist and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. He gets a huge hometown pop from the crowd. Angle is trying to promote the upcoming premium live event “Clash at the Castle” before he’s cut off by Chad Gable and we head to break. As we get back from commercial, Gable is putting over Angle’s career. He then tells Angle that Alpha Academy is looking for new talent, but there is none in Pittsburgh. Gable starts getting booed, and tells the fans that there is an Olympic hero in the ring, not to mention Kurt Angle, and to show some respect. Gable offers Angle a one night only spot in Alpha Academy. Otis shows Angle the Alpha Academy letterman’s jacket, but Angle declines the offer. Gable tells Angle to shoosh, but Angle tells Gable to shoosh instead. The two men get in a bit of a “shoosh” off. Otis is told to show Angle what happens when you decline an offer in the Alpha Academy, but Street Profits interrupt. The Profits tell Alpha Academy they want the smoke. Alpha Academy accepts the challenge on one condition. The condition is that if the Academy wins, Angle must join Alpha Academy and do whatever Gable tells him to do. We leave this segment and head to commercial break.

As the match starts, Otis and Montez Ford square off. After some back and forth offense for both men, Otis hits Ford with a huge popup body slam and tags in Gable. Gable hits a few chops on Ford in the corner and then mocks Angle’s olympic pose while cutting a stare at the gold medalist. Ford gets a reversal in the corner and tags in Dawkins. Gable and Dawkins exchange some very athletic moves on the ropes, while Otis comes in to interfere. Ford comes in to cut off Otis as the action spills over the rope, leading to a huge Dawkins dive to take out Alpha Academy. As Gable and Dawkins get back in, Gable starts attacking the left knee of Dawkins. Gable tags in Otis who continues the beat down on Dawkins, who is in desperate need of a tag. On the outside, we see Angle give both teams a show of respect with a hand clap. Dawkins finally gets the tag to Ford who quickly wipes out Gable and Otis who was on the outside. After a standing moonsault, Ford gets a near fall and quickly heads to the top. Otis sees Ford climb the ropes and is enough of a distraction for Gable to recover and head to the top for a German suplex off the ropes as we go to commercial. As we return, we see Ford and Gable exchanging reversals and Ford gets to Dawkins as Gable gets to Otis. Otis cleans house and hits a body slam for a two count. Dawkins, shortly after, hits Gable with a swinging neck breaker and also gets a two. Ford tags in and hits a diving cross body, but Gable reverses for another two fall. Otis gets in and dominates Ford, before tagging in Gable and hitting a double team move. Gable looks at Angle on the outside and mockingly pulls down his singlet straps. Gable then puts Ford in an ankle lock, but it’s soon reversed. As Gable is near tapping, Otis comes in to break it up. Otis comes outside to get in Angle’s face before out of nowhere, Dawkins knocks Otis over the announce table. Street Profits hit a few double team moves before Ford hits the Frog Splash and that is good enough for the win. Post match, Street Profits give Angle a cup and the trio toast for a drink that Angle quickly spits out. Angle then reaches in the back to offer the Profits some milk instead to end the segment.

We move on to show Riddle and Seth Rollins getting ready for an interview conducted by Corey Graves. The two men were supposed to be face to face, but that was nixed due to a pre-show fight in the parking lot. A commercial shortly follows this.

As we are about to start the interview between Riddle and Rollins, we are briefly shown footage of the two brawling in the parking lot before the show. Graves asks the two what happened to ignite the fight outside, but the two men speak over each other before Graves pulls the interview back in order. Rollins tells Graves it’s his time, not Riddle’s. He also says he’s on top of the chain, but Riddle is on the bottom. Rollins says when he finishes what he started at MSG a few weeks ago, it’s going to be for everybody. Rollins also says after he puts Riddle on the shelf, like he did Cody Rhodes, he’s moving on to the Undisputed Universal WWE Championship. Graves asks Rollins what we can look forward to this weekend at Clash at the Castle. Rollins says he’s going to stomp Riddle’s head in, but Riddle tells Rollins he’s going to prove there is only one man in his marriage, and that’s Becky. The interview is over after this, with neither man getting physical.

We move backstage and see Ciampa and Miz walking in the hallway. They are talking over Miz’s upcoming fight with Bobby Lashley, but Miz sees a member WWE security and just blankly stares at him. Ciampa pulls Miz back to his senses and the two men continue their walk and we go to commercial.

WWE, before returning to in ring action, gives a quick shout out to former Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble competitor Bad Bunny. We then get update from Jimmy Smith that after Rollins and Riddle finished their interview, they two men continued to talk. Rollins tells Riddle that since he wants to talk about Seth’s family, he’s going to talk about Riddle’s. However, he states that Riddle doesn’t have one after a very heavily publicized divorce. He also mentions that Riddle’s kids, nor his ex-wife want anything to do with him. This sets Riddle off, and he promises Rollins that he is going to “mess” Rollins up at Clash at the Castle.

Following this, we have Bobby Lashley make his way down to the ring. The Miz comes out afterward with Ciampa and commentary put over the fact Miz was kidnapped by Dexter Lumis a week ago. The match starts and Lashley just immediately gets the upper hand on The Miz. Miz is obviously very distracted and traumatized about last week. Ciampa accidentally bumps into Miz, who instinctively cocks his arm back for a punch before realizing it’s his partner. Lashley then takes control on the outside, bulldozing Miz and scaring Ciampa. Once we return from commercial, Lashley is still dominating the contest. Ciampa blocks the ring post from Miz, and this finally gives Miz a bit of a glimmer of hope. He bounces Lashley’s head off the announce table before throwing him through the steel steps. Miz gets Lashley back in and continues going to work. After a cheap shot by Ciampa from the outside to Lashley, Miz hits a big boot for a near fall. Miz keeps hitting offensive moves on Lashley, but goes up top for a dive that is reversed by Lashley. The US Champion then starts throwing Miz all across the ring before continuing the onslaught in the corner. Lashley is setting up Miz for a Spear, but Ciampa pulls Miz out of the ring and eventually gets another cheap shot on Lashley. Miz follows this up with a DDT before getting a two count. Miz is about to hit the Skull Crushing Finale, but he stops and sees Dexter Lumis in the crowd. He loses his focus, telling Ciampa he saw Lumis in the crowd. This gives Lashley time to recover and put Miz in the Hurt Lock. Miz quickly taps out and Lashley retains. Miz and Ciampa start arguing after the match about whether or not he really saw Lumis.

Edge and Angle remake their famous promo in the back with Edge handing Angle pictures that each have apologies on the backside for making Angle look bad back in the day. The last one said “U still suck”.

This leads to a brief moment with Rey telling Dominik he just needs experience this weekend, and that’s why he chose Edge over Dom to be his tag partner. Rey asks if he will still be in their corner, and Dom tells him yes.

We then see the Usos an Sami Zayn in the back, making their way towards the ring before it cuts over to commercial break. When we get back, we see a promo package showing some of the “Connor’s Cure” highlights. The organization raises money and awareness for childhood cancer.

Afterwards, The Bloodline make their way down to the ring, including Sami Zayn. We get a recap video during their entrance of last Friday night’s assault of Drew McIntyre by The Bloodline. Jimmy Uso lets everyone know that this Friday night on Smackdown Live, we will get a 2 year celebration of Roman Reign’s title reign. Sami pipes in and tells Jimmy and Jey that Roman has personally appointed him ‘Master of Ceremony’ for the celebration. As Jey gives Sami a dirty look, Sami puts over The Usos as the best tag team in WWE history. As Jey tells everyone that Roman will retain this weekend, Kevin Owens music hits as he interrupts the trio. KO comes out and quickly lets them know that The Bloodline doesn’t run anything on Raw because it’s still the Kevin Owens Show. KO also tells The Bloodline to tell Roman that he owes him one. Jey asks Sami if KO is his boy, to which Sami reluctantly says yes. He then tells Owens that Roman Reigns owes him nothing. Owens tells Sami he feels bad for him because he doesn’t realize how great he really is, and he must have forgotten that. Owens tells Sami he needs to look deeper and realize that he is better than hanging with The Bloodline. Sami tells Owens that he’s wrong and Roman and the Usos (minus Jey) really like him. Jey threatens to drop Owens on the spot if he doesn’t leave. KO instead comes in and reminds Jey that he and Paul Heyman are the only reason that he’s not champion right now. Jey tells Sami to get his boy, Owens, before it gets ugly. Zayn tries to break the two up and warn Owens that Jey is going to attack, but Owens doesn’t care and challenges Jey to a fight. A referee makes his way to the ring, and that will be our next match after commercial.

Once the bell rings, the men tie up as KO goes on the offensive. The action goes to the outside as Owens throws Jey through the steel stairs. Owens throws Jey back in and continues the battering. Uso, however, gains some momentum and takes Owens turnbuckle to turnbuckle, but misses on a splash. Owens quickly hits a cannonball and tries to maintain the offense. Jimmy Uso, on the outside, distracts Owens, which leads to Jey hitting Owens with a Samoan Drop on the steps. We come back from commercial and see Owens and Uso battling on the top of the turnbuckle before Owens hits a package suplex. Owens then climbs up to the top rope again, but gets punched in the jaw by Jey. They exchange rights on top and Owens eventually lands a Swanton Bomb. Jey ends up kicking out at two following the pinfall. Owens goes for a stunner and pop up power bomb, but Jey reverses both. He then hits a super kick on Owens before hitting the Uso Splash for a two count. Jey then goes back to the top for another splash, but this time Owens reverses. Owens tries a small package for two, then super kicks Jey and hits a frog splash for a two of his own. Outside, Owens taunts Sami and tells Zayn to hit him if he meant what he said. Zayn refuses, but then reluctantly grabs a chair because The Usos told him to. Zayn, however, does not hit KO with the chair. This distracts Jey and leads to Owens hitting the stunner on Jey for the win. The Usos look disgusted with Sami as we cut to the back.

In the back, we have Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai cutting a promo on Bianca Belair. Bayley tells Bianca that she’s been holding the entire women’s division but Bayley and company are there to put it back on the map. Kai continues saying that while Aliyah and Raquel are to of the best competitors in the tournament, they are leaving Monday Night Raw as champion.

We then cut to the back to see Miz leaving the arena. Ciampa is trying to talk to him, but Miz pleads with Ciampa to just let him leave. Ciampa obliges and Miz hops in his car and drives off. As he drives off, the camera stays panned on a black SUV that was parked beside Miz’s vehicle.

After we come back from commercial, we have a backstage interview with Johnny Gargano. Gargano puts over Theory’s success and physique, as we see Theory approach Gargano. Theory says he has a question for Gargano. He wants to know why Gargano didn’t call Theory after his US Title win or Money in the Bank. Gargano says it was because he was busy, but Theory claims it’s because Gargano is jealous. Theory wishes Gargano luck because he’s “swimming with sharks now.”

We briefly run down the Clash at the Castle card after this segment. It should be noted that Riddle has seemingly gotten his first name, Matt, back. We then get a promo package hyping up the main event of the night, which is the Women’s Tag Title match.

Sky and Aliyah get us started and the two women swap roll ups for two. Aliyah then tags in Rodriguez for a double team move and a two count. Iyo gets a tag in to Kai as she comes in with a quick bit of offense, but it gets cut off by Raquel. Raquel tags in Aliyah who gets some offense in, but gets knocked to the outside. Iyo and Dakota then throw Aliyah through the steps and kick Raquel who was near the apron. The 10 count is beat by the faces as we head to commercial. When we return, we see Sky taking it to Rodriguez and gets a two count. Sky tags in Kai who also gets a two count on Rodriguez. Rodriguez starts getting some momentum by using her power and throwing Kai and Sky both across the ring. She looks for a tag, but Aliyah is nowhere to be found. She continues battling and hits a high risk maneuver off the ropes for a two count on Sky. Sky hits a nice reversal soon after for a two count of her own. Rodriguez continues using her power and flips Sky with a clothesline. However, Bayley starts interfering with Rodriguez as they get a two count. Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and Bianca Belair then chase off Bayley through the crowd. Aliyah comes out of nowhere to get a blind tag and immediately disappears. Kai and Sky then go on the offensive on Rodriguez, but Aliyah slides in to get an out of nowhere roll up for the win. Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez are now your new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! The show goes off the air with Aliyah and Rodriguez celebrating in the middle of the ring with Belair, Bliss, and Asuka. The heel team of Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai look on to the ring in disbelief.

That will end tonight’s coverage of WWE Monday Night Raw! What did you think of tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments!

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