Vince McMahon was the CEO of WWE for several years and ruled the company with an iron fist. Everything that went on in the company went through him, especially the scripts. Vince McMahon was also thought to be a hindrance in WWE.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed Vince McMahon and his Netflix documentary on Wrestling Observer Radio. He revealed that people thought Vince to be a hindrance during his time in WWE. For the most part, the talent is very happy because a lot of the weird stuff and stupidity are gone along with him.

Since McMahon’s exit, Triple H has undone lot of Vince’s decisions. He already brought back a slew of wrestlers that his father-in-law fired. The mood in the room also suggested that the current product is better than the previous one.

It really hit that Vince really was a hindrance. People kind of speculated and everything but when you see the difference in the mood over there, and you see, you know I think it’s a better product. But for the most part, there are exceptions, there are two because there are people who are close to Vince but for the most part, the talent is very happy because a lot of the weird Vince-isms are gone that didn’t need to be there. You know the lot of weird stupidity. You don’t call it wrestling stuff. That stuff’s out the window. You know I think we’re done with that. And it’s just weirdo stuff.


Vince McMahon’s life has certainly been a fascinating one. Many would love to tell his story, but that doesn’t mean everything is roses when it comes to McMahon’s history. Let’s see what’s in store for McMahon and WWE in the future.

Transcription by Ringside News

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