WWE remained a PG-rated product since 2008, as they stopped catering to the TV-14 demographic. This was a good thing for advertisers and stockholders. Fans were frustrated by this, as they felt the lack of edgy content made the product a waste of time. Triple H recently revealed that WWE won’t be moving to TV-14 for TV shows.

Brad Shepard recently took to Twitter to share some details from the company call this morning. According to his source, Triple H said that WWE won’t be moving to TV-14 for television shows. It might happen somewhere down the line, but it’s not happening anytime soon.

According to a source in #WWE, on a company call this morning, Triple H said that WWE is not moving to TV-14 for TV shows. It’s not happening anytime soon, he said.

WWE fans got very excited when news broke in July that Monday Night Raw would soon be switching to a TV-14 rating. The show has been rated TV-PG since 2008. Unfortunately, the news was a little premature.


The Game definitely knows what fans want and is already making huge changes to the product to make them happy. This includes bringing back talent previously let go by WWE. It remains to be seen how the overall product will change in the coming months.

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