Damien Priest gained recognition for his work in promotions such as Ring of Honor before signing with WWE. Priest stopped using the Punishment Martinez name as soon as he arrived in Triple H’s version of NXT. He also captured the North American Championship on the black and gold brand. Now that he’s on the main roster, his character continues to evolve.

Priest used Reckoning, which is a spinning reverse DDT, as his finisher throughout his time in NXT. He would take the finisher to the main roster as well, eventually dropping it in favor of other finishing moves. Sean Sapp reported from behind his paywall that Priest provided his reason for dropping Reckoning during a new interview, and that had something to do with Cody Rhodes.

Priest claims that briefly switching away from Reckoning as finisher wasn’t because of Cody Rhodes coming in, but did indicate that’s why he no longer uses it. Priest said he wanted to establish a bunch of different finishers that he could use and get different reactions for.

The Punishment of Judgment Day revealed he is glad that the company showed faith in him when he debuted on the main roster. It goes without saying, but he is also thrilled to be in The Judgment Day and have Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor as part of the group.


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Manik Aftab

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