Martin Wright participated in WWE’s Tough Enough competition while attending a two-day tryout session in California before becoming known for the spooky Boogeyman gimmick in WWE. Diamond Dallas Page recently shed some light on the conversation he had with The Boogeyman back when he was first trying to figure out if he was Tough Enough.

At the time, Boogeyman was well past the company’s maximum age for recruitment at 40 years old. Boogeyman asked Diamond Dallas Page if he should lie to WWE officials about his age. On his DDP Snake Pit podcast, DDP revealed the advice he gave to The Boogeyman. Since Boogeyman was so jacked and looked incredible, the fact that he was 40 should have only impressed those scouts more; they were also going to find out anyway.

He was 40, [but] looked like he was 28! And blowing everybody away in every trial. And he goes, ‘But, I’m 40, what do you think? Should I tell them my real age? What I said was I said honesty is always the best policy. But you’re kind of right on that too, but I don’t know, man. The way you look and what you can do, me, personally, I’d freaking tell them.

The bottom line is, and he didn’t, and now he got his license and his ID. They find out he lied to us, and they put him out. They said, go, leave. They sent him off, but they brought him back because they saw something and so.


Boogeyman claimed to be 30 years old after the first day of the tryouts, lying to WWE about his age. He was unexpectedly eliminated from the tournament, but he later returned thanks to a promotion because he impressed trainers with his skills despite his age.

Boogeyman made the decision to take DDP’s path and put a lot of effort into joining the WWE. The Hall of Famer was pleased that he was successful in motivating Boogeyman to enter the wrestling industry. In the end, they both got great stories to tell out of the experience.

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