WWE under Triple H is continuing to experience lot of changes. The Game has already brought back a number of former WWE superstars, with Johnny Gargano being the latest to make comeback. The company also plans to hold their annual draft shake-up, but not anytime soon.

Sean Sapp reported from behind his paywall that the next WWE draft is likely to take place after WrestleMania 39. WWE has yet to officially announce the draft, and the USA Network has told the talent that the draft isn’t happening in the immediate future.

Not so fast on the WWE Draft. We’d reported that many on the WWE roster were expecting the WWE Draft to take place after Clash at the Castle. However, that doesn’t seem to be anywhere near a slam dunk anymore. It’s more like a half-court lob with your eyes closed.

We’re told by WWE sourced that several WWE Raw talent were unbooked from the Smackdown episode that follows Clash at the Castle. Many stars had been told that the Draft was likely taking place that week, but if it is, a significant number of crossover talent were not involved.


USA Network sources have told talent that the Draft isn’t happening in the immediate future, have outright stated to that after WrestleMania is a likelier landing spot. WWE had not officially announced the Draft, and hasn’t given us a confirmation about any of the dates, and talent hasn’t been given a heads up about anything happening in the coming weeks.

We’ll keep digging for information as to when the Draft could take place, if at all. Update: We were told internally, USA Network does not have a date listed at all for an upcoming Draft.

It was previously reported that many within the WWE believed that the draft was set to happen in the near future but that no longer appears to be the case. Ringside News will keep you updated on the WWE Draft.

When do you think the draft will take place? Sound off in the comments!

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