WWE is putting NXT UK through some big changes. NXT Europe is coming, and that means the brand’s roster is also getting a shakeup. Former NXT UK Tag Team champion Flash Morgan Webster was also released from the brand. Webster had re-signed with WWE before getting fired.

NXT UK will be going on hiatus for a few months after their Worlds Collide event next month. There were numerous releases for NXT UK for a variety of reasons. Many people in the region were aware that a shift was coming but were unaware of how significant it would be.

Sean Sapp recently discussed NXT UK released behind Fightful’s paywall. He also revealed that Flash Morgan Webster recently re-signed a new contract with WWE before being released. Webster was sidelined since last year, and he was on a short-term extension with WWE. However, he re-signed on a long-term basis.

We’ve heard that some names didn’t want to relocate to the United States, and others didn’t believe it made financial sense to continue with WWE. We’ve already heard from several UK-based promoters that are hopeful the restocked free agent market will help reinvigorate that UK scene that was significantly hampered by NXT UK’s formation. Fightful heard details regarding Flash Morgan Webster, who had been sidelined since last year. At one point, Fightful had reported that Webster was on a short-term extension with WWE, who wanted to retain him. However, we’re told that months prior to his release, he’d re-signed with WWE on a more long term basis.


Webster has held gold in many different promotions across the globe. He is a former RevPro British Crusierweight Champion and a one-time champion of the now defunct Attack! Pro Wrestling. It’s unclear for the reasoning behind his release. It is assumed, however he will make a return to the independent scene in the UK.

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