WWE expanded to the UK market with the introduction of NXT UK in June 2018. WWE has now announced NXT Europe, as NXT UK is a thing of the past. However it seems NXT Europe is not happening anytime soon.

NXT UK will be going on hiatus for a few months after their Worlds Collide event next month. Plenty of people have been released from the NXT UK brand this week. Those named include Flash Morgan Webster, Mark Andrews, Dave Mastiff, and more.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer recently addressed NXT Europe and WWE releasing a slew of talent from their NXT UK contact. Meltzer said that NXT Europe won’t be happening as early as January 2023 because if that was the case, WWE wouldn’t have released so many talents. They would’ve released some people to save some money, but releasing so many talents, like Amale, who is from France, doesn’t make much sense.

You know, when they released all that talent, it made me think… I think that the release was a way to not say that we’re folding, that we’re doing something bigger but if they do, it may take a while. Cause if it was gonna be like January 2023, they’re not releasing anybody. The fact that they released everybody, tells me that you know, maybe they’ll do it, maybe it’ll quietly go away. I know that most people were not thinking that Europe thing is coming anytime soon. If it was gonna come sooner, they would have might have released a few people, but they released way too many people, including the woman from France who, I mean if you’re gonna expand, you wanna keep that.


Then again, maybe they think no one’s gonna take those people anyway because they’re Europeans, and they can just get them saving a little bit of money not paying, but those guys don’t get paid that much. It’s not like you’re saving any money. They’re getting paid less than you know.

Most of those contracts were bumped but when they started it was like 20000 a year contract. So if you’re gonna save $7,000 a person, you know… they blow their nose with that kind of money. The cutting of everybody makes me think that, plus their announcement of NXT Europe was so vague, it was nothing. It’s kind of like there’s really no reason it.

It was also noted that when WWE made the big NXT Europe announcement that they didn’t reveal much. They just said the brand is coming next year, and NXT UK is no longer active.

There is obviously a lot changing, and it seems that top stars on NXT UK are coming stateside. NXT Europe will “reimagine the brand and talent pipeline” with a renewed focus on Europe. We’ll have to wait to see know how long until we get the taste of NXT Europe.

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Credit Ringside News for transcription.

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