After many NXT UK releases on Thursday, another has been announced. Rohan Raja was the next name to be released by WWE’s United Kingdom brand.

Rohan Raja signed with WWE in 2021 as a part of the Die Familie in NXT UK. He took to social media to announce his release. His name joins a slew of other NXT UK stars who are now without a job.

“Very thankful for @WWE for allowing me to entertain thousands every week. This is just a bumpin for me and I solely believe that. I have a chip to prove and I’m going to do everything I can so I can get back to where I belong. I’ll be back!”

Raja was just another name in a list of wrestlers. Flash Morgan Webster, Dave Mastiff, and others were all let go from the company. With more possibly coming in as part of NXT Europe, it seems the brand is going through a huge change.


WWE announced NXT UK would go on hiatus in September and become NXT Europe in 2023. It was speculated that NXT UK was done after multiple talents showed up on NXT on Tuesday.

It will be interesting to see where all the released talent end up in the future. Some, most likely, could be back in NXT Europe, but the company is obviously making room on the roster. Only time will tell what happens as we continue.

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