It appears AEW’s stadium show at Arthur Ashe Stadium will be getting a slight facelift this year. The stage for the 2021 version of AEW Grand Slam was set to the north side pf the stadium. However, it seems the 2022 rendition will see the stage set to the south side.

Last year’s version saw Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega go to a thirty-minute draw. It also had the main event of Britt Baker D.M.D defeat Ruby Soho to retain the AEW Women’s World Title.

This year’s version, which will be aired live September 21st, will be sure to heat up after All Out. Will we see title defenses? Will we see a returning MJF? Nobody knows yet, but judging by last year’s show, it will be filled with intriguing content.

It appears that, if the current ticket map is any indication of things, that AEW is switching things up this year for Grand Slam. It was noted on social media that the stage was switched to the other end of Arthur Ashe Stadium.


There have been no reports as to why this change been made, but it could make for an interesting change of camera angles. It could also lend itself for some potentially interesting entrances.

Last year the attendence for the show was slightly over 20,000, but maybe the change of the stage set up will allow for that number to reach closer to the maximum capacity of 23,771. Follow us at Ringside News for more updates!

What are your thoughts on the stage set up for AEW Grand Slam 2022? Let us know in the comments below!
Chase Gilmer

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