Before former WWE CEO Vince McMahon retired, he was heavily linked to Mr. Money in the Bank, Theory. The two often appeared onscreen together and had even worked together at WrestleMania earlier this year. McMahon even taught the young upstart a thing or two about the business.

During an interview with Denise Salcedo, Theory reflected on his mentor-protégé relationship with McMahon and mentioned how the former CEO taught him to expect the unexpected. He also discussed Triple H taking over his role and whether he would include McMahon on his personal Mount Rushmore.

I would say the best thing I learned from Mr. McMahon, as funny as it was, that we said it on TV, but you know, the mindset that he always had, and basically the thing about expect the unexpected. That’s something that, when when he said that, it was like, wow, this is pretty much how it works. You know, like when we talk about my career, expect the unexpected. I wouldn’t have expected all of that to happen.

But yeah, I think with Mr. McMann retiring, I think we would have never have seen that day, we all felt like we would never see that day. But, you know, and John Cena recently said it, if there was a Mount Rushmore of sports entertainment, it would have one person on it, and it would be Mr. McMahon, and I believe in that as well.


Just because he’s an icon, there’s nobody that’s created something as huge as this and made it as successful as this as Mr. McMahon. You know, Triple H even says those are some hell of a size shoes to fill, you know? I feel like, WWE never stops, and it’s never going to stop, and we all know the legacy that Mr. McMahon, held for this place. Now it’s it’s time to do what he wants, and that’s to keep it going.

Theory hasn’t appeared on TV since losing his United States Championship rematch against Bobby Lashley and failing to cash in at SummerSlam. It’ll be interesting to see where the Money in the Bank holder goes now that Vince McMahon is no longer in charge.

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Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones is a writer for both Thirsty for News and Ringside News. He's been a wrestling fan since 2004 and has always tuned into Monday Night Raw.

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