The pro wrestling world is full of all kinds of people. Sadly, some of those people are grifters and scam artists. Now another indie company is under fire for not paying up.

An independent wrestling promotion known as WrestleQueerdom held a show in Milford, New Hampshire, this past Saturday. It was produced and booked by the well-known Twitter account TransGraps. The indie promotion, however, was almost immediately called out for leaving talent stranded without pay.

The evening featured wrestlers like AEW standout Sonny Kiss, Impact star Gisele Shaw, former AEW Women’s Eliminator tournament competitor VENY, and well-known independent up-and-comer Kidd Bandit. It was also the first wrestling card to only feature trans talent.

Despite the event’s intended purpose of showcasing trans talent and introducing them to more wrestling fans, it has come under fire for backstage problems, particularly those related to transportation and lack of pay. The issues started to surface on Sunday afternoon, the day after the performance, when independent wrestler Max The Impaler gave some sage counsel in response to a since-deleted tweet from WrestleQueerdom.


Maybe save the flexing until after ALL the talent is paid.

Soon after, other wrestlers and promotions involved with the event began to respond. It included Billy Dixon, an out gay wrestler and promoter from New Jersey who runs Pro Wrestling VIBE. They took to twitter to announce that they are terminating their working relationship with TransCraps/WrestleQueedom.

Effective immediately, we[‘re] terminating our working relationship with TransGraps/WrestleQueerdom after receiving numerous complains and concerns from talent. Despite our shared vision to make this scene a better place, professionalism and doing good business must come first always.

Cameron Saturn, a wrestler and commentator for WrestleQueerdom, was another talent who stood out. Saturn talked about how a transportation mishap after the performance left a number of wrestlers stuck, necessitating the assistance of Saturn and another star. Check out all the tweets related to the whole ordeal below.

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