WWE Raw recently drew a huge sell-out crowd at Madison Square Garden. The world’s most famous arena was jam-packed with enthusiastic fans who were ready to see something different. A list of top 10 attended WWE tapings in 2022 was recently posted, and the recent Raw episode from Madison Square arena topped the list.

WrestleTix’s Patreon recently listed the top 10 most attended WWE tapings in 2022. The July 25th Raw topped the list with over 13,000 distributions. The SmackDown taping from July 1st made it to the second position with almost 12,000 distributions.

The next three tapings to appear in the list were from Raw with over 10,000 distributions. The show dates were from August 1st, April 4th and March 28th. American Airline arena appeared twice in the list, once for RAW and once for SmackDown taping.

The first show of Raw following Vince McMahon’s retirement attracted a large crowd in New York. WWE has had incredible success right out of the gate. Another sizable gathering only serves to highlight the business’s momentum. Check out the entire list below.


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