You never know what people will talk about to pass the time. Pro wrestlers are known for their interesting lives, so locker room conversation is no different.

Bryan Danielson appeared at the Starrcast show with Renee Paquette where they went into an interesting topic. Danielson said that he would much rather hear a bunch of talk about erect phalli than see a bunch of people on their cell phones.

“I came in and everybody was on their phones in the locker room. That’s not what I want. The last three years of my career, I don’t want to spend in the locker room with a bunch of young guys looking at their phone. So, we start….we talk about flaccid penises, asexually. We are not talking about anything that would be considered perverted. It’s just amongst the boys. It’s the boys talking about flaccid penises. It is a blast.”

John Silver saw that interview, and he spoke up to confirm that there is also erect penis talk in the AEW locker room. It’s not just Silver going on the record, other AEW stars like Brian Pillman Jr. and Trent Beretta as well.


“This isn’t entirely true!!!!!!! There has been erect penis talk as well,” John Silver said to confirm the story.

Brian Pillman, Jr then chimed in to say, “I guess nothing is sacred anymore!” Then Trent spoke up to add, “nice to a report on what goes on backstage with some actual truth to it for once.”

Ringside News will monitor the situation to see if anyone else chimes in. We’ve heard about a lot of conversations that went down, so there could be worse things to talk about.

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Andre Porter

Andre is a passionate wrestling fan and journalist with years of experience covering the WWE. He has attended numerous wrestling events and has a deep understanding of the sport. In addition to his writing, Andre is also a graduate of The University of Arts with a BFA in multimedia and enjoys film, comics, and all Philadelphia sports. He is also an avid follower of John Cena on Twitter.

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