Lana was one of the biggest presences in the WWE. The diva was at the forefront of a huge storyline along with Bobby Lashley and Miro right before the pandemic. A few years later, she’s no longer with WWE, and so is Miro. Many things have changed in Lana’s life.

The former WWE diva is now going by CJ Perry, and is now exploring more avenues for content. While most famously OnlyFans is the platform for celebrities to go to, Perry revealed that Miro had some problems with it.

Perry spoke with Inside The Ropes, and discussed why Brand Army was a better platform to pick over Patreon, Fasnly and ‘Only Friends’. She said that it was a huge conversation, and needed to be ironed out.

I’m really excited about being on and being on Brand Army as it’s a different site compared to, let’s say, an “Only Friends.”


Kind of the big part of why I decided to go on there was because Miro felt more comfortable with it, and it was definitely a big conversation that we had to have and he didn’t really want me on “Only Friends.”

The star further talked about why Brand Army is a great choice. She pointed out that even Disney stars are on the platform, and it’s over all a better platform to work on and connect with fans. Brand Army also gives her more flexibility for revealing content, unlike Instagram.

Brand Army is a great place where you have Disney stars on there, you have all different types of people on there, and it’s just a better way to connect with your audience. You know, a lot of these other platforms we’re putting out so much free content but maybe not everything is appropriate for everyone that follows me on Instagram. You know, maybe I want to put something a lot more sexier or pushing the envelope a little bit, pushing it a little bit more. Maybe that’s not the most appropriate thing to do for the 10 or 12 year old kids that are following me on Instagram.

Lana had to join a platform for her exclusive content sooner or later. The star recently dropped revealing video in a bra. There are many other instances of her hot content. However, she recently hinted at making potential pro-wrestling return.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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