Seth Rollins’s tenure in WWE has been spectacular. Following the Shield’s debut at Survivor Series 2012, Seth Rollins became a bona fide star. He has obtained the WWE title, the Universal Title, the Intercontinental Title, and other accolades. Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon prohibited The Curb Stomp move from 2015 to 2018, and Seth Rollins explained that unique reason.

During a recently re-surfaced episode of Talk is Jericho, Rollins clarified why his Curb Stomp move was banned. He was on a plane to New York to appear on ‘The Today Show,’ and Rollins’ WrestleMania performance was when Vince considered prohibiting the move.

“It was right after I won the title at WrestleMania. I just think it was the first time Vince had thought about it. And he just decided that — because they’re sending footage down to ‘The Today Show’ to show. I took the flight that night and they’re showing me, and they have the footage to back up when we’re talking, stuff like that, and a lot of it is me doing The Stomp. Aside from it having a fairly violent name and connotation, but just the visual of it.” Rollins said

Rollins elaborated on the underlying reason for the move’s prohibition. Vince McMahon believed that the finisher is easily imitated by small children, whom the company does not want to imitate their moves. Apparently, Vince didn’t want his top Champion to be a negative influence on the young audience.


“It stuck in his head. As his champion and top guy, he just didn’t want that lasting image” or for people to have any reason to be outraged.”

During The Curb Stomps’ three-year ban, Seth Rollins used Ripcord Knee and the Pedigree as his replacement finisher. However, fans didn’t view the moves on the same level as The Curb Stomp.

In 2018, The Curb Stomp became officially unbanned when he struck Finn Balor with it on RAW. Rollins still uses the move, but it took Vince McMahon changing his mind to make it happen.

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