Triple H is a legend in the world of professional wrestling for many fans and pro wrestlers alike. The Game’s influence can never be understated, as his contributions are truly far-reaching. There are also concerns regarding his health issues.

A few months ago, Triple H announced his retirement from professional wrestling, after he suffered a cardiac event that almost cost him his life. Fans were simply glad he managed to pull through.

The Cerebral Assassin was named the top person in charge of WWE Creative after Vince McMahon’s retirement. WWE fans have always wanted to see Triple H in control of creative for many years as well.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there are still questions and concerns when it comes to Triple H’s heart issues, now that he has taken on new responsibilities in WWE. He was cleared for a return to work, but the hours his new positions demand will be taxing for anyone.


There are obvious questions regarding Levesque, given he’s not far removed from significant heart issues. While he has recovered to where he can lead a normal life, running both talent relations and creative of doing five hours of weekly television most weeks, and eight or more hours on PPV weeks, is hardly living a normal level. It is filled with incredible stress, not to mention he would be back traveling for multiple shows per week.

Eric Bischoff also doubts Triple H will mastermind WWE’s new creative strategy now that Vince McMahon has retired. It remains to be seen how WWE will change in the coming months.

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